Aljaž Rudolf, Eva Smrekar (SI)

A Face or a Factory is a family, corporation and a laboratory of faces, masks and new identities. By creating new personae, based on harvesting DNA material and 3D scan of each individual seller, who is in return offered a seat in the company together with a specific share of its assets, the project aims to modulate different heteronyms, their biographies, professions and a precise function in contemporary corporative capitalism. Using the latest biotechnological techniques paired with powerful machine learning algorithms the artwork is unfolding the human face as a complex territory of genetical, juridical, cosmetic, political and military power relations. 


Designing and web development Marko Damiš | Developer Igor Malič  
Sound Gašper Torkar
Consultant Anja Blaj
Biotechnological support Kristijan Tkalec
Electronincs and senzoric Lovrenc Košenina
Programers Tomaž Štrus, Richard Cole Lavrence Mrvar
Video Tina Lagler
Thanks to: Biotehnical Faculty Ljubljana – Department of Agronomy – Chair of Genetics, Biotechnology, Statistics and Plant Breeding (SI)
Produced by: Kapelica Gallery + BioTehna / Kersnikova Institute (SI)
Supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Municipality of Ljubljana – Department for Culture