Andy Gracie (UK/ES)

Termination Shock (the Ends of Everythings) is a triptych project building on parallel obsessions with cosmology and post-apocalyptic scenarios. As a reaction to current disaster rhetoric the artist foregrounds the unavoidable future and inescapable apocalypse of the absolute end. Through studying the evolution of the Sun, the gravitational dynamics of our galaxies cluster, and the influence of dark matter, the project moves towards the end of the Universe phenomena known as ‘heat death’.

Collaborators: Carme Jordi (Institut del Ciencias del Cosmos Universidad de Barcelona – ICCUB), Xavier Luri (ICCUB), Valenti Bosch-Ramon (ICCUB)            
Produced and supported by: Andy Gracie (UK/ES), Projekt Atol Institute (SI)

Photo credit: NGC 6720 planetary nebula