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Aksioma complements the konS Discursive Programme with a podcast channel

Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Arts is expanding its discursive programme Tactics&Practice, which focuses on exploratory art, society and new technologies, with a podcast. The first series of five episodes completed the 14th edition of Tactics&Practice with the topic Scale. Journalist and researcher Neja Berger followed all the events that took place in Ljubljana in the spring of 2023 and interviewed some of the protagonists.

Tactics&Practice [podcast]: Scale has five episodes::

Scale | Ep.#1: Matter as a Subject [w/ Laura Tripaldi]

Scale | Ep.#2: Alternative Networks in Cuba [w/ Steffen Köhn & Nestor Siré]

Scale | Ep.#3: Russian Neocolonialism as Demonic Possession [w/ Anna Engelhardt & Mark Cinkevich]

Scale | Ep.#4: Neocolonial Extraction and Surveillance [w/ Anthony Downey]

Scale | Ep.#5: Reality as a Scalar Effect [w/ Jussi Parikka]

Podcasts can be followed at and on Soundcloud, Spotify, Google and Apple Podcasts.