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There are currently two active invitations within the konS platform

Open invitation for submission of new art projects

We are in a whirlwind of civilizational challenges that require careful consideration and active participation: rapid population aging, strategic functioning of economic superpowers, groundbreaking technological applications, marginalization and exclusion of social groups, tensions between governments and NGOs, local and international conflicts, climate change, environmental problems. Our future depends on the ability to face these issues, to accept and activate. In the konS project, we see active participation in the promotion of visionary, unexpected, different ideas that allow us to see beyond the determinism of rationalist Western science and economics. Through our activities, we can encourage, inspire and empower decision-makers, scientists, engineers and business people to act inclusively, socially responsible and sustainably. From this emerges an invitation for art projects for 2021. We will support up to 5 art productions of contemporary investigative art selected at the consortium program council. Art projects can be already in development or completely new, but they must be implemented during the duration of the financial mechanism (by April 2022 at the latest). The value of financing an individual project is estimated at a maximum of EUR 15,000. This appropriation is intended to cover the development and execution of a work of art. The full text of the invitation is available at this link.

Invitation to submit proposals for new workshops

The new stage of collecting applications will end on 14 May 2021. Nodes are being established throughout the duration of the project (2019–2022) in Maribor, Velenje, Novo mesto, Ljubljana and Nova Gorica, where the konS project partners are active. During the project, we will conduct around 300 workshops, one fifth of which will be new, and the rest will be repetitions. Invitations for workshop proposals will run until the end of the project, and as part of each invitation, proposals will be considered according to the order of arrival. More information is available here.

Who are our workshops for?

The workshops are intended for three main groups of participants:

  • children from 8 to 13 years,
  • adolescents from 13 to 18 years of age,
  • other interested public

Read more about the development, method and conditions of participation here.