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About Kons

konS ≡ the Platform for Contemporary Investigative Arts is an open and evolving structure that seeks to establish links between communities, knowledge institutions, research centers and the economy at a systemic level, with all parties interested in co-creating a sustainable, safer and more ethical future in a dynamic, constantly changing world.

Efforts to establish an active network of research, production and justification of better conditions for research, development and realization of contemporary research art projects, brought together nine partners – NGOs, art producers, tactical media, public cultural centers and the Academy of Arts on the diagonal of Eastern and Western Cohesion Region: Kersnikova, Projekt Atol, Aksioma, Ljudmila, Cona, all from Ljubljana, and the University of Nova Gorica – Academy of Arts, Youth Center Velenje, LokalPatriot Novo mesto and MKC Maribor.



25. September 2021 at 11:30

Delavnica na prostem za otroke Zavoda Cona v okviru festivala Bobri

Se želite zaplesti med korenine dreves? Jim prisluhniti? Aktivno opazovati in raziskovati naravno okolico na zabaven način? Delavnica parkŽur vas bo na ozaveščen način vodila v raziskovanje in spoznavanje okolice.


Bralnik svetlobe

29. September 2021 at 18:00

Delavnica za otroke med 9 in 15. letom ob odprtju xcentra v Novi Gorici

Udeleženci delavnice bodo izdelali preprost fizični vmesnik za sprožanje zvoka s svetlobo. Za delavnico je potrebno osnovno znanje spajkanja in iskrica v očeh!


Tilen Sepič: Kozmični dež

29. September 2021 at 20:00

Svetlobno-zvočna instalacija ob odprtju xcentra v Novi Gorici

Mioni so visokoenergijski osnovni delci, ki nastajajo v zgornjih plasteh ozračja ob naletu kozmičnih žarkov iz vesoljskega prostora, v projektu jih zaznava sedem detektorsko-signalnih enot.



Ars Electronica 2021: konS Garden Slovenia

From September 8 to 12, Ars Electronica 2021, the festival for art, technology and society, will take place not only in Linz (Austria) and 86 other Ars Electronica Gardens around the globe, but also online. We are happy to announce we are part of it!


Xcenter, an example of good practice and konS hub

The center of Nova Gorica is now enriched with a center of creative practices, which is created through the combination of creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, art, education and research.


(re)programming: Strategies for Self-Renewal

We are inviting the world-class thinkers in eight crucial disciplines to discuss the ways in which we can repair our thought and behavioural patterns in order to keep us collectively safe. Curated and conducted by writer and journalist Marta Peirano.