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conducted workshops

Park Materials

Inter-species communication

Set of instructions and recommendations that guide you through the experiential workshop developed by the Zone Institute.

Download pdf (2 MB)

parkŽur / parkParty

Another of our workshops is accompanied by a labbook. ParkŽur is a workshop or guided sound walk that takes place using the silent disco system.

Download pdf (10 MB)


The MP3ggers is a simple audio player that, in its expanded form, becomes a tool for experimentation and creation.

Download pdf (3 MB)

Light reader

The Labbook helps put together a Light Reader that allows us to play with light in a variety of ways.

Download pdf (6 MB)


Park We create space in the hubs for young researchers and creative individuals and groups. We dedicate ourselves to exploratory, restless minds. With an inspiring program, we encourage the use of high technologies and at the same time cultivate critical thinking, encourage creativity and nurture innovation. Through active participation and capacity development, we create new creative communities. Our activities are intended for children, young people and also the adult interested public.

Creative learning laboratories are located in Ljubljana, Velenje – Nukleus, Maribor – Incubator, Novo mesto – Sonar and Nova Gorica – exCenter.