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Adam Donovan: Empathy Swarm Orchestra – Cyber ​​Intimacy

8. October - 15. October 2021

Exhibition in the AJDA shop, Glavni trg 23, Maribor

Empathy Swarm Orchestra – cyber intimacy is a cyber robotic artwork and a multi-channel audio piece. The proposed work includes 50 autonomous swarms that create an emotionally charged atmosphere with their behavior and sound with directional acoustics. The swarm acts as a living organism of its own nature and narrates abstract versions of the social interaction of a society of non-anthropomorphic beings that create a strong sense of compassion in the human observer. In a continuous dialogue without words with a human visitor, robots can understand and respond to the visitor’s biofeedback and evoke a sense of certainty that there may be something akin to robotic empathy. All actants influence a constantly evolving system, creating unique moments that are only possible here and now, and creating an emerging story.