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Andrej Žižek: city{making}sense

8. October - 15. October 2021

Exhibition in the Modna hiša, Partizanska 3-5, Maribor

The city{making}sense project (hereinafter: C{M}S) is an artistic and scientific exploration of urban space in the field of smart city development and related surveillance of public space (surveillance), artificial intelligence (AI) and BIG data.

Complexity theory highlights t. i. “Feedback loops” as a central feature of complex systems.

The cities of the future are cities that use the sensor infrastructure in an organic way for “feeling” and connected reaction, and these are connected by a “rational set”, City AI. Such a design of the sensor network ensures the appropriate complexity of the response and the implementation of the feedback loop.

The C{M}S project is an exploration of this phenomenon and a demonstration of the technological model of the sensitive city of the future. The project has three parts: (1) implementation and installation of sensor infrastructure on the principle of workshops “citizen science” in cooperation with the university and NGOs, (2) big data collection and data analytics, (3) visualization of real-time data sensing with the help of AI on online and as a projection in public space.