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Park Workshops


2. February 2021 at 08:00

Audio workshop fot youth

Sonic ontology of negligence

Performed by: Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman, Manja Ristić

Workshop for the closed group; conducted in English.

The workshop is based around the artwork of Manja Ristić entitled Sonic Ontology of Negligence. It is part of a continuous artistic research based on listening to abandoned spaces and landscapes that have been radically transformed by man through his presence and exploitation, but are now “handed over” to nature again. During the creative process of the Sonic Ontology of Negligence, the artist Manja Ristić found herself in spaces abandoned due to corruption, consumerism and socio-political upheavals, which were forever changed by man’s excessive exhaustion and his unstoppable desire to build.

Workshop is an independent sound walk, during which children are encouraged to explore their immediate surroundings and find degraded spaces. Their task is to find an area that they find abandoned or very poorly maintained and belongs to the term third landscape, as defined by the French landscape architect and theorist Gilles Clemont. The final product of the workshop is a short photo comic with at least four photos, a description of where the child found the abandoned space, a GPRS picture of the route and a short spatial story. Before the walk, the children listen to a recording of the explanation of the work prepared for them by the artist Manja Ristić. By listening in depth to the composition Sonic Ontology of Negligence, children will discover the potential of abandoned spaces that are in a kind of “waiting for better times”. How much potential do these spaces have in themselves – precisely because their use is not specified? How many adventures and adventures can happen there? This releases the child’s imagination, which is poured on paper after the walk, under the guidance of the teacher.