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Park Workshops

BridA: Micro:bit

19. January 2022 at 17:00

Workshop for children and young people between 9 and 15 years of age in xcenter, Nova Gorica

Controlling lights and sounds remotely? At the Micro: bit workshop, we will focus on programming and the concrete use of devices that will control light and sound via a software interface!
The intermedia workshop entitled “Micro: bit – creative networks” will enable participants to have a more detailed understanding of modern technology and its management or manipulation, which today has become accessible to all through the rapid development of computers and smartphones. Most of us are not aware of the potential of the technologies that surround us, these allow us to connect to networks at any time with other similar devices that record values ​​and data from our immediate or remote surroundings.


We collect applications online.
The number of places is limited!

Let’s stay healthy

Verification of the PCT condition is mandatory for all those over 12 years of age, and a valid identity document is required. The mask is mandatory in enclosed public spaces, only a surgical mask or FFP2 type mask is allowed. The mask is optional for

  • children up to the age of 6,
  • speakers in enclosed public spaces, provided that a distance of at least 3 meters is provided,
  • persons with special needs who are prevented from using a protective mask for objective reasons.

When entering a closed public place or space, hand disinfection is still mandatory.