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Daniel Brownell, Miranda Moss: Gallus Gallus Roboticus

8. October - 15. October 2021

Exhibition in the POLZELA shop, Gosposka ulica 13, Maribor

The surprise of the fact that seven billion daily male chickens die each year worldwide, as the poultry industry rates them as “uneconomical,” is the starting point for Gallus gallus roboticus, the development of open source AI that can detect the sex of a chicken in a wrapper.

Based on this, the project involves the production of an autonomous walking robot that can adapt to different aspects of chicken needs.

The question of whether Gallus gallus domesticus could be considered the most successful or least successful bird from an evolutionary point of view within the anthropocene of the project stems from a morbid fascination with the current and historical relationship between chickens and humans. The complexity and issues of technological exploitation, selective breeding, symbiosis, domestication, animal rights, agricultural practices, and food safety and security that hinder this narrative. In this non-human-focused speculative design work, an autonomous machine will lovingly care for chickens and ask the viewer whether machines may be more capable of being humane than humans.