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Park Workshops

DIY Chime

20. April 2022 at 17:00

Workshop for young people (15+) in Xcenter, Nova Gorica

The DIY Chime creative workshop is designed to make a stand-alone electronic speaker, which is a redesigned copy of the Synchime sound. Synchime was made in the 80s with the aim of acquiring electronic percussive sound. Synchime with an analog circuit generates a “metallic” sound similar to the sound of cymbals, bells, gongs, etc. It can also be tuned to make the sound more like a diaphragm instrument or synthesizer.

By acquiring an electronic instrument, the workshop also enriches the participant’s musical arrangement, which opens up new possibilities in music or. artistic creation.

The workshop enables the participants to be empowered with knowledge and skills for the independent production of any electronic device and for its possible further development. With such empowerment, it also brings the participant closer to the concept of the DIY method, which is a way of working away from a consumer-oriented society, while creating the ability to think creatively, which is a condition for any business idea.


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The number of places is limited!