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Park Workshops

Firefly of Emotions: my emotions are cool

15. June 2022 at 16:30

Workshop for children aged 9 to 14 in Xcenter, Nova Gorica

Emotions are sometimes hard to communicate, aren’t they? In this workshop, children will learn that all emotions are something natural, that it is OK to have and accept them, and that we can find a way to share them with others.
Weapons or e-textiles will help us with this. At the workshop, the children will make their own device – the Firefly of Emotions. With the help of Kresnička emotion, they will be able to communicate their mood and emotions to others with emoticons 😝, which helps to create less bad mood and possible conflicts.
The aim of the workshop is for children to get to know the basic emotions and show them with the Firefly of Emotions. Firecrackers act as a tool to show their emotions when they may not be able or unwilling to express them otherwise. In this way, children also learn to understand and accept their emotions.
In the workshop, children will create a product / gadget with elements of wearable technology to make it easier and better to communicate their feelings to others.


Registration for the workshop: tthttps: // Id = 1693