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Nova Events

konS at MOS Celje

15. September - 19. September 2021

Presentation of the konS project at MOS Celje

This year’s craft fair in Celje takes place between 15 and 19 September under the slogan Sustainability in a new era. We will also present our activities and activities there. The Craft Fair or MOS for short is the central business fair event, which is divided into 5 areas: MOS Dom, MOS Tehnika, MOS Turizem, MOS B2Bin MOS Plus. MOS is also accompanied by lectures, events and workshops in individual fields, where you can get a lot of useful information about building a home or learn how to start a business. The fair also traditionally has a partner country, which further facilitates the establishment of economic ties between the two countries. This year it will be Hungary.

With the refined concept of the largest business fair event in the region, MOS represents a new direction that will open new areas for companies to provide a green, digital and resilient economy. The new aspect of the fair coincides with the strategic plan of national and European directives, which companies will be able to more easily implement in their business with the help of IMC. MOS, as one of the strongest sales and presentation channels, is a meeting place for innovative companies, government institutions and customers, which encourages purchases and new business agreements every year.