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konS modul ≡ Gašper Selko project X.U.L. and the Borzak ensemble

18. February 2022 at 20:00

Concert in the House of Culture - small hall, Titov trg 4, Velenje

X.U.L is a solo project by musician and composer Gašper Selk. Through the music he creates, we can perceive and hear sound patterns, elements and textures, ranging from contemporary musical classicism all the way to improvised electronic music. In melodies and notes that at times remain in time and space, eclectic musical expression develops, builds and collapses. X.U.L in its atmosphericity and many repetitive patterns leaves questions and answers for every listener who dares to indulge in his musical idea. The guest will be vocalist Manca Kozlovič.

A diverse group of musicians under the baton of Bor Zakonjšek, this time called – BorZak – is developing a collage of different musical styles. From Cuban rhythms and melodies to the influence of Balkan melodies, the ensemble develops sound and style that is something atypical for the Slovenian music scene.