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Park Events

konS modul ≡ Speake[R]plate

15. February 2022 at 17:00

Workshop for young people and adults in the regional multimedia center Kunigunda, Velenje

Speakers accompany us every step of the way: in shops, cars, at concerts… we still carry them with us because they are hidden in our phones. Do you know how they work and how you can make them yourself?
In the workshop, we will learn how speakers work and what sound is. We will learn to make a simple speaker out of paper plates, a magnet and copper wire. In addition, we will also make an amplifier and in the process research electrical engineering, learn about components and train in soldering. Participants will also try out their speakers, as they can be connected directly to a phone or other device through which we want to play music.


The workshop is intended for pupils, students and the elderly and is free of charge. No prior knowledge or additional tools are required to participate. Due to the limited number of places, prior registration is required at

Let’s stay healthy

To attend the workshop, it is necessary to meet the PCT condition, for all persons from the age of 15.

The workshop will be conducted in accordance with the measures and recommendations of the NIJZ.