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konS modul ≡ The Game

16. February - 26. February 2022

Interactive sound installation in Pattern City, Kidričeva cesta 2b, Velenje

The Game is a game and playground for 2–4 players, 16 electric motors and a string table that combines special features and principles: card games (Remi game), playing an instrument and musical improvisation in a temporary performative situation. The gameplay begins with capturing an image of a particular discarded card in the game. The digital interface transmits a specific MIDI signal for each card, composed in 4/8 time – this dictates in the loop the pattern of operation of mechanized percussion instruments on the string table. The hierarchical power of an individual card defines rhythmic interactions that are composed in a certain score of commands and in this way proportionally influences the current sound events. Each player’s move is based on the assumed distribution of opportunities, on competition, on responding to a teammate’s moves and on risk. The behavior and reactions of the players while playing cards can be compared to musical improvisation, in which the mentioned open procedures are the basis of the course of communication.

The Game situation takes place according to a matrix of unpredictable variations of human reactions and their random results, which build controlled improvisation through a game of cards. The latter is controlled by a predetermined score of commands, which, depending on the sequence of discarded cards in the game, follow each other in endless possibilities of combinations and interactions. The dynamics of sound events are thus not fixed, but with each activation of the Partí, a unique system for performing music in the form of a board game is formed.

The authors
  • Matej Stupica (b. 1987) is an artist working in various fields of contemporary art and theater.
  • Jaka Berger – Brgs is one of the most active, most creative and diverse drummers and percussionists of the domestic scene in the last ten years.

Opening of the interactive sound installation on 16 February in Pattern City, Kidričeva cesta 2b, at 6 pm.