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Park Workshops

Making a solar system

21. April 2022 at 17:00

Workshop for children aged 9 to 14 in KreatorLab, Preradovičeva ulica 40, Maribor

April will be the month of space, so in the workshop, which will take place in two parts of three hours, we will make a model of the solar system that we can take home.

In the first term (April 14), we will discuss the basics of the heliocentric system and study the motion of the planets and their sizes. We will continue to calculate the size of the gears and determine the appropriate distances between the planets. We will prepare all the necessary plans and learn the basics of design and operation of CAM systems.

On the second term (April 21), we will roll up our sleeves and assemble models of the solar system. The cutting of the necessary components will take place on a laser cutter, so that the participants will also receive training in the use of the machine. In the end, we will assemble all the components and test how our system works.


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