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module ≡ Boštjan Perovšek: Interweaving Soundscapes

5. July - 24. July 2021

8-channel sound instalation, Glavni trg, Novo mesto

Art work Interweaving Soundscapes is placed at the crossroads between science and art. Spider webs have a special place in this exhibition, forming the central part of the installation. Spider web is not only a snare to catch insects but can also be regarded as an extension of the spider’s sensory systems. The vibrations spiders send and receive through the web are inaudible to human ears. The exhibition reveals this “invisible” sound world through the sound projection of insect and spider sound activity, and through a sound composition based on the same sound source. This is subsequently electronically processed, and follows the basics natural sounds – as a coexistence of natural and artificial.  A set of custom-made piezo sensors was used for recording. Some of the selected recordings were made with sensors connected to a spider web at the Tomás Saraceno studio, and some recordings are the part of Roland Mühlethaler’s private sound archive.


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