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Park Workshops


29. January 2022 at 10:00

Test workshop of community-designed device OctoSens with domestic DIY artists in the eighth / for, Ljubljana

Last year, under the mentorship of Vaclav Peloušek, a DIY community project OctoSens was established as part of an art residency in collaboration with a team of local enthusiasts. The primary purpose of the project was to create a community of electronic sound creators, while creating a product that could be offered on the market, in the form of a kit or as a workshop, thus providing the community with a financial basis for further projects.

The community was successfully formed and the OctoSens product was founded. It is an 8-channel interface that allows the reception of signals from various analog and digital sensors and their calibration. The information received through the sensors can be converted into sound via the built-in digital synthesizer or converted into CV or Gate signals for use with other speakers. The OctoSens format can be used as a Eurorack module or as a stand-alone unit. What is OctoSens?

The project is currently under development, and working prototypes need to be further improved. The creators therefore decided to conduct another test workshop before the final phase of launching the product on the market. Domestic creators in the field of modular synthesis and DIY electronics were invited to participate, who will help to improve the product with their opinion.

The authors

OctoSens was designed by: Jakob Grčman, Simon Macuh, Vaclav Peloušek, Lan Štokelj, Simon Turnšek, Rea Vogrinčič and Igor Vuk.


All places in the workshop are full, the workshop will be repeated at other locations in Slovenia during 2022. If you are interested in participating in product testing, write to us at


MC Velenje and Zavod Projekt Atol, within the network konS ≡ Platform for Contemporary Research Art.