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Park Workshops


17. April 2021 at 11:30

outdoor workshop, Ljudmila, Ljubljana

The parkParty workshop will take you on a conscious exploration of the surroundings. Participants will establish a silent community, sensitization on space and each other.

Nature and humankind have always been inseparably linked; natural environment has inspired many researchers and artists, arising desire for exploration, admiration and beauty. Still today many artists find their creative inspiration in the nature; through many possible ways of expression it is then translated into artistic language. Intermedia artists often for their expression use modern technology.

On the workshop following works will be presented: Luka Prinčič: Rhizosphere, Boštjan Perovšek: Interweaving Soundscapes, JataC: Bibaret JC210120, Boštjan Perovšek: Bugs, a Walrus and a Door – Steklenik 2018.

The aim of the workshop is to explore and get to know the surroundings through learning about pieces of selected artistic research and sound art works in an active, funny and conscious way. Establishing of communities, sensitizing to space and each other will be presented.

About the mentors:

Tadeja Pungerčar

Sociologist, self-employed in culture, working for many years in various fields of culture, arts, especially theater and other performative arts. As the head of marketing and PR, she worked at the Slovenian Youth Theater, where she was most acquainted with theatrical and production work. In recent years, her career is focused on the field of cultural and artistic education, performative arts and the transfer of knowledge to younger generations. Since 2014, she has been a program manager, coordinator and producer of the Bobri Festival, Ljubljana Festival of Cultural and Artistic Education, which combines activities for children and young people in various fields of art.

Barbara Kapelj

Acts as an independent artist – as a scenographer she designs films and theater scenographies. She also works on projects for independent performances for which she also writes texts. Some of her most favorable projects: “Biographical Fempath 1” (with Schau Räume Villach, 2019), “Tabletol” (with the Ana Monro Theater, 2019), “Ljubljančanke”, etc.


The workshop is free of charge and is intended for children 8+. The number of participants is limited, so prior registration is required by Thursday, April 15 at: (when registering, please provide: name, surname, age and contact phone number). Participants attend a workshop with weather-appropriate clothing and footwear.