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Park Workshops

Pixel pushing opposite

14. February 2022 at 16:00

Workshop for young people and adults in the Miran Jarc Library, Novo mesto

Young people from the age of fourteen are invited to join us in a workshop entitled Pushing Pixels Opposite, which will take place under the mentorship of Jurij Podgoršek on Monday, February 14 between 4 and 7 pm in the Miran Jarc Library (BeRi classroom).

Do you like playing video games and wondering how they are created? Do you also want to learn the basics of game programming? Are you interested in open source programs?

Then you are invited to join a workshop where we will learn the basics of programming in the case of simple games. We will learn programming in the Racket language from the “family” of LISP programming languages. In the introduction (to the introduction!) You will learn about the development environment, language syntax and basic building blocks of programming. The aim of the workshop is also to show that programming is not a skill that requires pre-given skills, but it can be learned by anyone!


The number of participants is limited, so prior registration is required at
The workshop is free.

The workshop will be conducted in accordance with the applicable measures of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the recommendations of the NIJZ.