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Park Workshops


24. February 2022 at 17:00

Workshop for young people and adults in the Cultural Incubator, Maribor

Our clothes say a lot about us, but none say as much as PiksLBroška. You can use it to determine exactly what she will say and she doesn’t have to say anything about you, she can print any text that you program into her chip!

In the workshop, you will make a brooch on which you will program text or even a pixel image via a microcontroller, which will then be displayed as a short animation.


The number of participants is limited. You can apply at this web link.

Let’s stay healthy

Verification of the PCT condition is mandatory for all those over 12 years of age, and a valid identity document is required. The mask is mandatory in enclosed public spaces, only a surgical mask or FFP2 type mask is allowed. The mask is optional for

  • children up to the age of 6,
  • speakers in enclosed public spaces, provided that a distance of at least 3 meters is provided,
  • persons with special needs who are prevented from using a protective mask for objective reasons,

When entering a closed public place or space, hand disinfection is still mandatory.