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Park Workshops


2. December 2021 at 16:00

Workshop for children and young people between 9 and 15 years of age in RampaLab, Kersnikova, Ljubljana

The SlimeSound workshop connects electronics, biology and artificial intelligence in a fun and creative way.

Together, we will get to know the slimes in more detail and see why they are interesting to explore for both artists and scientists. The participants of the workshop will create a sound, which includes the production of an oscillator and the production of so-called mucous membranes (electrodes connected by mucous membranes) through which an electric current flows. Since one of the properties of mucus is to change the conductivity, we will connect them to an oscillator so that the mucus will create sound.

At the workshop, participants will learn all about the properties of mucous membranes that indicate a different form of intelligence, how they can cultivate them themselves and how they can be included in electronic circuits. The workshop was developed by Eva Pondrk and Gregor Krpič, and they drew inspiration from the artwork ‘C T R L’ by Michael Sedbon.

The workshop lasts two days and is intended for children and young people aged between 9 and 14.


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