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Park Workshops

Sound Microscope

3. November 2021 at 17:00

Workshop for kids (7-13) at xcenter, Nova Gorica

The Sound Microscope workshop addresses children who want to listen to sound that is inaudible to the human ear. The purpose is to arouse interest in the sonority of the world, which is generally inaudible to us. Hear and create the sounds of everyday objects and at the same time assemble a mechanical device for listening to barely perceptible, silent sounds, sound microscopes.

At the workshop, participants will initially learn the basic physical laws of sound transmission, which they will also practically check. The mentors will present the possibility of making mechanical and digital tools that can be used to listen to quiet or otherwise inaudible sounds. The children will place a mechanical device to amplify the inaudible sound.
The mentors will also present the operation and possible operation of contact microphones and a digital sound microscope (contact microphone, smartphone, headphones, circuit). The sound microscope will be practically tested by the participants in the workshops, with which they will try to capture inaudible sounds and create.


Weather-appropriate clothing and footwear.


Andrej Fon is a Slovenian musician (clarinet, saxophone, bagpipes, trumpets, percussion, singing, home-made musical instruments …). He deals with music of various genres (rock in opposition, no wave, folk music, free jazz, free improvisation, songwriting). He plays or has played in groups (Strahuljarji, Kraški Solisti, Horda grdih, Žoambo zoet workestrao, Barka tone in bele plombe, Buče 4, Samo gromofon, Tropičja, Olfamož, Oholo !, Svojat), as well as in ad hoc music ensembles with Slovenian and foreign musicians (Irena Tomažin, Marko Karlovčec, Seijiro Murayama, Haradhan das Baul, Salamandra salamandra (). He is also involved in poetry, theater, making musical instruments and conducting music workshops, composing music for animations and performances, and is an educator.

Staš Vrenko is a media artist, musician and designer of electronic instruments. He holds a master’s degree from the sculpture department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. His artistic practice brings together different fields of art, with an emphasis on the exploration of sound, electronic media and technology, kineticism and performativity. In recent years, we have presented several independent projects: Plošča, Zanke v prenosu, Tehnike posvojitve and Veznik. He has also exhibited in several group exhibitions, mdr. at the international festivals Agora Creative and Svetlobna Gverila, as part of the Liminale project at U3 7th Triennial of Contemporary Arts in Slovenia, in Vžigalica Gallery, Škuc Gallery and elsewhere.


Applications are collected at the link.
The number of places is limited!