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Staš Vrenko:, separate values (ločene vrednosti)

26. June 2021 at 12:00

Osmo/za, Slovenska 54, 8. nadstropje, Ljubljana

We would like to invite you to attend our presentation of the analog-digital signal processing tool, which was developed during the Staš Vrenko’s art project conducted by konS Platform.

Digital data have a huge impact on the image of the world. Along with the exponential dissemination and social access to databases, there is also a need to reflect on the data collecting and processing, interpretation and use that make data comprehensive or objective. Perhaps their incomplete form and contingent involvement in environmental and social spheres is what allows us to think of data not only as discrete facts, but as open, dynamical and material forms.

Staš Vrenko’s art project explores simulation potential of sonication procedures and its creative use and representation of phenomena quantified in the form of digital data material. By doing this, artist shifts from finding the most appropriate ways to display digital data to focuses on the procedures for establishing any possible method of representation.

The result of this art project will be a specially developed tool that will enable establishment of various analog and digital strategies for the representation, localization and processing of accessible data from the world wide web. The tool will be primarily used to explore temporal phenomena and forms, their evolution and rhythms. Once completed, the tool will be available also for other artists to use data for sonication, oscilloscope graphics, and voltage control of electronic devices.


CV Staš Vrenko

Staš Vrenko – an artist, musician and designer of electronic instruments, earned his master’s degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana (sculpture department) and received Prešeren Student Award for his master’s thesis. His artistic practice brings together different fields of art, with an emphasis on the research of sound, electronic media and technology, kineticist, advanced manufacturing technologies, and performativity. In recent years, he has presented several independent projects: Izdelave (P74, 2020), Plošča (Kino Šiška, 2019), Zanke v prenosu (eighth / for, 2018), Tehnike posvojitve (P74, 2017) and Veznik (MoTA, 2016). He had following exhibitions: Agora Creative (Grenoble, 2019), Pixxelmusic (2019), MFRU_25 (2019), Kiblix (2017), Light Guerrilla (2015 and 2016), and group exhibitions: Vžigalica Gallery (2012), Škuc Gallery 2013), as part of the Liminale project at U3 | 7. Triennial of Contemporary Arts in Slovenia (2013), and elsewhere.


Development process

Concept and programming: Staš Vrenko

Electronic circuit design: Gregor Krpič

Technical assistance: Luka Frelih

Curator and organizer: Maja Burja

Production: Association Ljudmila (Društvo Ljudmila), laboratory for science and art, under the auspices of konS Platform.