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Park Workshops

Strings + buttons = keyboard

4. May 2022 at 17:00

Workshop for children aged 9 to 14 in Xcenter, Nova Gorica

Participants will create sound elements with everyday and non-everyday objects (which they will be able to bring themselves or we will look for them in the space or surroundings). A variety of materials that create an interesting sound are welcome. They will choose a rhythm, prepare a microphone and, with the help of mentors, record rhythmic elements using the objects mentioned above. Through this process, they learn how sound is created, how it travels, how we capture it, and how it is drawn by computer programs. The recorded sound will then get the desired sound through the effects and be recorded in a “looper”, where it will get a constant rhythmic form on which it will be possible to build on. Once enough material has been recorded, we can move on to an arrangement where we have two options: by turning recorded sequences on / off or scheduling software.


We collect applications online. The number of places is limited!