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Park Workshops

Tara Pattenden: TEENSYnth

15. June 2021 at 17:00

workshop for children 9+ v KRMC, MC Velenje

In the workshop we will experiment and explore the sound options derived by Teensy board 3.2. By adding some basic electronic components (such as potentiometers and LDR) to Teensy board we will assemble an electronic sound machine with two oscillators. Many useful information for beginners, such as how to create an oscillator with the Teensy sound tool or how to adjust Arduino code so that you can freely add potentiometers and sensors to your synthesizer.

Each participant will also receive a handy Labbook with all the information for further learning and independent research.


There are no participation costs. On the workshop you will need your own computer with installed program and headphones. Prior registration is required due to limited number of participants at: . All information will be sent to the participants by e-mail.

The workshop will be conducted in accordance with NIJZ measures. Only healthy individuals are invited to attend the workshop.

Workshop production: Project Atol Institute (Zavod Projekt Atol). The workshop was developed as part of the konS project.