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Tilen Sepič: Cosmic Rain

24. May - 19. June 2021

Light and sound installation as part of the Light Guerrilla Festival in the Small Gallery of Banka Slovenija

Light-sound installation represents the voltage of a wire network that connects devices – cosmic ray detectors, assembled with the help of light or kinetic elements. The glare of light and the movement of electromagnets that generate sound depend on the captured signals from muon detectors, which were artistically crafted after viewing the open source Cosmic Watch (MIT) project. Muons are invisible particles that form on Earth in the upper atmosphere when they are hit by “cosmic rays” – high-energy particles that originate from the depths of space; it is basically a pair of elementary particles with positive and negative electric charges and extremely short decay times. Particles shoot at any material, stopped only by the thickness of our planet. The spatial layout is set with abstract and minimalist vocabulary that attempts to visualize an invisible natural phenomenon; it thus allows the viewer a sensory experience of physical and cosmic events that are all around us but thus inaccessible to our senses.

Tilen Sepič

Multidisciplinary designer and intermedia artist, self-employed in culture. He creates in the fields of product design, light design, interactive studio photography, experience design and interactive installations based on light and sound. He often collaborates with the Light Guerrilla Festival, for which he has created a number of authorial projects in recent years (Tilt, Light Oscillator, Clouds…), which have hosted several partner festivals abroad, and also works as an occasional mentor of the Lighting Laboratory. guerrillas.

Electronics and programming: Luka Frelih, Gregor Krpič, Staš Vrenko, Brane Ždralo

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Small Gallery of the Bank of Slovenia, opening hours: Tue.-Sat .: 14.00–23.30


Exhibition production: Strip Core / Forum Ljubljana
Co-production: Ljudmila Society, Laboratory for Science and Art; Small gallery of the Bank of Slovenia
Project development within konS – Platform for contemporary research art.