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VJLAb – J の ア イ 尺 丂 ん x 57th Festival Borštnikovo srečanje

3. June 2022 at 21:00

Video mapping projection on the facade of SNG Maribor

An audio-visual performance of the duo ア の ア イ 尺 丂 bo will take place in front of the Slovenian National Theater Maribor as part of the 57th Borštnik Meeting Festival and as a result of the recently held ≡ VJLab workshop. Under the auspices of the konS platform, we are preparing a two-hour live mixed collage of sonic landscapes and visuals projected on the facade of the Slovenian National Theater building.
ア の ア イ 尺 丂 ん is a project in which Marko Jaušovec and Vita Kolar combine the fields of conceptual, musical and visual world. Their interventions are a collection of diverse performative practices, ranging from club events, performing arts and installations, to forms of theatrical engagement. In their works, they explore interactions between different media and formats that go beyond classical audiovisual practices.
The starting point for the poptrsh project is based on insight into time and space, through the recognition of collective behavioral patterns such as hyperproduction, distracted attention, instant happiness, superficiality, etc. On the other hand, this awareness allows the authors to unconditionally accept the situation in a way that makes use of the current stimulus and instigation of spontaneity. Strongly based on the culture of sampling, they are free to take pop culture out of the dump, reconstruct and change it according to their own views, and at the same time open a deeper consensus based on the interpretation of what is experienced.
Modern production environments and practices give them an inexhaustible testing ground for developing their own tools, which they use in an unconventional way. They bring a touch of organicity and naturalness to rough electronics and refined digital. At the same time, they develop their own way of replaying and mixing, which results in a unique style of soft, melodic compositions, supported by the contrast of low and strong lines and dramatic twists. They remain faithful to the recognition of momentum and chance, which leads them to unconceived, surrealistic ideas based on observation with the watchful eye.