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Park Workshops

Wires + buttons = keyboard

17. February 2022 at 17:00

Workshop for young people and adults in the Oton Youth Center, Župančičevo sprehajališče 1, Novo mesto

Are you interested in how to extract sound from the keyboard? How can we determine for ourselves how loud a certain sound will sound and what the pitch of a certain tone will be?

In the workshop, we will make a simple prototype of a keyboard from several keys or. buttons. We will learn what potentiometers are, what their role is on different devices, what they can control and how we can set them to affect sound. We will also get acquainted with the operation of the beeper, the operation of the keys, and learn more about the operation of the microcontroller, which sends information to the elements. In the end, we will be able to try to play the song with our instrument 🙂


The number of participants is limited. Applications are accepted at

Let’s stay healthy

Verification of the PCT condition is mandatory for all those over 12 years of age, and a valid identity document is required. The mask is mandatory in enclosed public spaces, only a surgical mask or FFP2 type mask is allowed. The mask is optional for

  • children up to the age of 6,
  • speakers in enclosed public spaces, provided that a distance of at least 3 meters is provided,
  • persons with special needs who are prevented from using a protective mask for objective reasons,

When entering a closed public place or space, hand disinfection is still mandatory.