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konS modul ≡ Novo mesto

In Novo mesto, we are opening the konS module, that is bringing a touch of contemporary investigative art via selected art projects in the renovated city center from the 5 th to 24th of July. The three-weeks event will be accompanied by inter-media workshops for all generations. Moreover, on Wednesday, the 14 th of July, a round table will take place with a presentation of the platform and also inviting external partners for creative collaboration.

The content of the module is focused on artistic production at the intersection of art-science-technology, on opening up new possibilities of use and application of technology, on the future, that is unknown, and highlights possibilities of integrating art into innovations for the future. The purpose of the konS module is to expand the visibility of the konS network and to invite new individuals, companies and other organizations. Furthermore, the module will highlight artistic productions that could be beneficial for technological progress and establishment of new guidelines for art-thinking.

The module is opening its gates on the 5th of July with a sound performance by Boštjan Perovšek, Interweaving Soundscapes and till 24th of July his project with the same name, that explores the world of biotremology (the scientific study of vibrational signals of animals), will be on display. During the three-week event more projects will be presented: Gallus Gallus Roboticus (by Miranda Moss and Daniel Brownell, MKC Maribor), that deals with male chickens that are considered as “uneconomical” by the poultry industry; the goal of the project is to develop an open source AI that can detect a chicken’s sex in ovo. Project Surface (by Voranc Kumar, Ljudmila Association, Projekt Atol Institute) is focused on the relationship between human body and computer graphics and the exhibition of comics We need to talk, UI (by Julia Schneider and Lena Kadriye Ziyal,  Axioma, MKC Maribor), that reveals problems and challenges posed by modern technology in an attractive and witty way.

Author’s workshops with creative pulse for youth and adults will take place in MC Oton: a premiere workshop by Ida Hiršenfelder beepblip: Electromagnetic field sensors, three-day workshop by Lovrenc Košenina: MyCroft / AI-sistent, where it will be possible to create a personal AI assistant and a workshop by Tara Pattenden: TEENSYnth where the Teensy 3.2 development board will be used to assemble a simple electronic sound system.

All workshops are free, registration is required at: .