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konS modul: Biobot

In the modul, we discussed about the invisible and visible connectivity between nano-technologies and natural environment, between the individual sphere and modern society; we exhibited projects that go beyond the physical and merely visible. The hybrid space of social networks served as a temporary exhibition space, offering an opportunity to take a closer look at art projects that have emerged as part of the open call for project proposals in 2019 (some of them may still be in the development process). Discursive part was focused on relationships between art and science with the direction to the future, innovation, development and economic relations. During the module, we also prepared online workshops for youth and adults.

Through online discussions and presentations of the konS modul, we tried to take a step closer – both to those who are already positioned in the field of contemporary investigative arts, as well as to those who are just getting to know it. How do we tackle this, what are our goals and activities?

Zoran Srdić Janežič was our last guest of the konS modul in the year 2020, where we presented his project Biobot.



Other projects can be seen on display in the NOVA section