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konS modul soon in Maribor

The autumn-winter modul starts in connection with the MFRU, enters the virtual spaces and continues the cooperation with the Virtual Career Fair (Municipality of Maribor). With the Regional Cultural Bazaar (Kulturni bazar), the module will spread knowledge about contemporary research arts, and at the same time an expanded hub will be opened in the new premises of the Incubator, where the konS laboratory will be housed. During the modul, we focus intensively on research learning and workshops for diverse audiences. October will also be the time of the UROŠ Temporal Autonomous Laboratory.

The konS modul in Maribor, which will take place between 8 and 26 October, is a series of unexpected but planned and carefully selected events that, together with workshops for different age and interest groups, will offer new aspects of contemporary research arts. In addition to specific and dated events recorded in the calendar of events, the three-week module will be upgraded with pop-up events, not only in the focus of events, ie in Maribor, but also at the national level, in coexistence with partner organizations konS. Follow us on FB and Instagram for instant announcements of pop-up events.