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STAscience: online conversation

As part of the STAznanost (STAScience) project, the Slovenian Press Agency prepared an online discussion on the intertwining of art and science, with an emphasis on the intersection of these fields in contemporary art. The event took place on Tuesday, November 23, at 12.00 and could be watched live on the website

They shared their views on working at the crossroads of science and art in an online interview with us:

  • Director of ZRC SAZU Oto Luthar
  • Program Manager of the KONS Platform for Contemporary Research Art and Kersnikova Art Curator Jurij Krpan
  • Advocate of the network of research centers at the intersection of art, science and technology RUK Peter Tomaž Dobrila
  • Saša Spačal, a post-media artist working at the intersection of research into living systems, contemporary and sound art
  • Miha Turšič, artist, designer and researcher focused on the development of art and humanities in space