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Park Workshops

Creative Studio OS

16. April - 29. May 2022

Interdisciplinary laboratory for children and parents at Koroška 18, Maribor


Game and experiment space,
research and education,
creation and testing,
communities and socializing,
Arts, Sciences and Technology…

From April 8, CREATIVE STUDIO OS, the first interdisciplinary studio for children and parents (preschool children), will be established, where children and parents will be free and openly involved in various creative processes and test contemporary art practices. Creative meetings will be held once a week as research and experiential workshops, led by various established artists, educators, researchers in the field of sound, movement, technology, visual arts, science, design…

A team of creators
  • Monika Pocrnjić hacker and art pedagogue. She likes to draw, solder and process useful objects and assemble them into installations for performative purposes.
  • Andraž Bobnar is a versatile designer of objects and space.
  • Katja Kosi is a dancer, performer and choreographer who is interested in exploring movement in relation to space, objects and various creative practices.
  • Barbara Kukovec actress and performer, who together with biologist Janja Repina Potočki will develop the concept of concrete breeding grounds for natural and artificial spaces for seeds, plants, insects…
  • Nataša Berk is a versatile artist and KAJTIPAČPAŠE is the conceptual design of her work with children and parents.
  • Marko Lük is a pedagogue, music producer and DJ.


The konS platform and the Nagib association are establishing a new space for play and experiment, where children and parents connect and explore the “axis” or “axis” of various artistic and non-artistic practices. It is an educational and research space where creativity and testing new things intertwine. We focus on the concept of interdisciplinarity and original integration of areas that children and parents will tackle in a creative way. The space offers intergenerational learning in which everyone participates: from experienced professionals to (preschool) children and parents (adults). It is also about establishing a new community and what is crucial for creativity: creating an environment where we all work together, educate ourselves, share knowledge and experience and learn new skills and values ​​in a creative way.

The studio takes place FREE OF CHARGE, once a week, ON FRIDAYS between 4.30 pm and 6.30 pm, on Koroška cesta 18.