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konS Platform in Maribor (2019–2023)

22. March - 15. April 2022

Exhibition in the Media Nox Gallery, Židovski trg, Maribor

From 22 March to 15 April, the Maribor Youth Cultural Center, the konS platform and the Media Nox Gallery invite you to visit the exhibition konS Platform in Maribor (2019–2023), which will present works created so far under the auspices of the konS platform.

On March 22 at 6 pm in the Media Nox gallery in Maribor, we will open a documentary-analytical installation, designed by the Maribor team of the konS platform and graphically executed by Toni Soprano. The intermedia layout includes statistical data on the operation and activities of the platform within the Maribor hub Incubator (cultural incubator – MKC Maribor) or so called konS.MB.

Through the National Platform for Contemporary Investigative Arts, konS.MB has the opportunity, desire and also European cohesion funds to place and connect city stakeholders in an educational hub for all generations and all levels of knowledge, to connect contemporary research arts with the University of Maribor and institutes and build bridges to the economy. Through the upgrade of the existing and the establishment of new infrastructure, the project opens the space for innovation that the intertwining of art, science and technology offers us.

The documentary installation “KonS Platform in Maribor (2019-2023)” in the Media Nox Gallery offers an overview of the work so far and a vision for the future: through video presentations of art projects covered in the past two modules (2020, 2021), and through animated statistics offers an insight into the operation of the national network through the perspective of Maribor’s colleagues.

The exhibition will be on view from March 22 to April 15, 2022