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Park Events

parkParty (parkŽur)

14. October 2021 at 16:00

An experiential trip for over 8 years old in MC Velenje

Want to get entangled between tree roots? Listen to them? Actively observe and explore the natural surroundings in a fun way? The parkŽur workshop will take you in an informed way to explore and get to know the surroundings. We will embark on the path of establishing a silent community, sensitization to space and each other. Nature and man have always been inextricably linked. The natural environment has in the past aroused in many researchers and artists a desire for exploration, admiration and beauty. Many artists still find most of their inspiration in nature today; through many means of expression it is then translated into artistic language. Intermedia artists in particular often use modern technology.

Participants will learn about the world of contemporary artists and the method of artistic research. Through listening to and observing the environment they walk on guided, they will discover how artists are sensitized to perceive nature and the environment.

The workshop or guided sound walk takes place using the silent disco system. The audio content is played to the participants via a portable transmitter carried by the mentor in a bag. The mentor, who also has a microphone for direct communication with the participants, can stop the recording and thus the implementation, if necessary, and perform the planned tasks together with the children. The workshop is accompanied by an educational labbook.

The aim of the workshop is to explore and get to know the surroundings in an active, fun and aware way through learning about artistic research and pieces of selected sound works of art. Establishing communities, sensitizing to space and each other.


experiential travel / outdoor workshop (8 years +)
mentors Tadeja Pungerčar, Barbara Kapelj
The workshop will take place outside, so weather-appropriate clothing and footwear are recommended.
collection point Vila Rožle in Sončni park (Aškerčeva cesta 21)


The workshop is free. Due to the limited number of places, prior registration is required at:

To attend the workshop, it is necessary to meet the PCT condition, for all persons from the age of 15.
The workshop will be conducted in accordance with the measures and recommendations of the NIJZ.