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Park Workshops


13. March 2021 at 11:30

Outdoor workshop for children 8-13 at Cona Zavod, Ljubljana

Nature has awakened in many scientists and artists a sense of exploration, admiration and beauty in the past. Even today, many artists find most of their inspiration in nature and then translate it into artistic language through many expressions. This is the source of our workshop, where with the help of the silent disco system we get to know the world of contemporary artists and the method of artistic research and observation of the environment. Through the space, the participants move with the help of a sound recording (and also a mentor) – along the outlined path, through the urban and natural environment in their city. Active perception of the environment is provided (houses, objects, animals, nature, people), as well as responses to them, all individually and in groups. As individuals, but connected in a group with physical distance, we can get to know the already known environment anew, try to respond to it and co-create it for a few moments.

The aim of the workshop is to explore and get to know the surroundings in an active, fun and aware way through learning about artistic research and pieces of selected sound works of art. Establishing communities, sensitizing to space and each other.

How to apply

Preliminary registration:
Equipment: weather-appropriate clothing and footwear
at the opening of the exhibition fjorar

Meeting point: in front of MGLC Ljubljana

The author of the workshop
Tadeja Pungerčar

sociologist, self-employed in culture, has been working in various fields of culture for many years. arts, especially theater and other performative arts. In recent years, he has focused his career on the field of cultural and artistic education, the transfer of knowledge to younger generations and the field of performative arts. Since 2014, she has been the program manager, coordinator and producer of the Bobri Festival, the Ljubljana Festival of Cultural and Artistic Education, which combines activities for children and young people in various fields of art.

Barbara Kapelj

she is an independent artist in the field of culture – as a set designer she creates sets for films and theater, and on the independent staging stage she creates original projects for which she also writes texts. The most resounding were her projects: “Biographical Fempath 1”, with Schau Räume Villach, 2019, “Tabletol”, with the Ana Monroe Theater, 2019, “Ljubljančanke”, etc.


Workshop creators and mentors Tadeja Pungerčar and Barbara Kapelj
Coordinator of pedagogical contents Irena Pivka
Technical Manager Brane Zorman
Illustration by Nea Likar
Production Zone, Institute for the Processing of Contemporary Art, 2021