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Park Workshops

Radiate shapes

23. February - 25. February 2021

Online workshop for youth and adults

In the workshop, we learn how to radiate video on installations, theatrical scenery and building facades. And on many other places! The participants of the workshops will get acquainted with the technical laws of performing a mapped video projection and with the preparation of various design content solutions. They will be involved in the process of making a three-dimensional structure intended for video mapping and contribute content for selected surfaces of the final spatial composition. The result of the workshops will be presented to the general public and the public in the form of a gallery installation.

The cycle of three workshops includes a short introduction and presentation of examples of video mapping, a practical exercise in video mapping software – MadMapper, preparation of content (visualizations) and the implementation of a mapped video projection.

What is video mapping

It is about projecting video content on a specific surface, shape or a form built for this purpose. The content of the projections can be designed specifically to fit the selected shapes. The technique is used in art installations, in the performance of concert or theater scenes and in the lighting of the facades of buildings.

  • February 23: Workshop 1 / Mapping for Beginners
  • February 24: Workshop 2 / Work assignment
  • February 25: 3rd workshop / Content – projection – form
About mentors

Stella Ivšek, Anja Romih (BEAM TEAM / V2V) are intermedia artists who deal with sound visualization, video animation and scenography, and as VJs with their aliases 5237 and SMECH have appeared at various music and art festivals for many years and events. They work with the Ljudmila Association as curators of the PifLab: V2V (video to video) series of events, which are intended for creators in the field of video art, video installations and visualizations.In 2020, together with Aleš Zupance, they mentored the workshop of the Light Guerrilla Laboratory, which resulted in an audio-visual interactive installation presented at the Light Guerrilla, Pixxelpoint and InSonic ZKM Karlsruhe festivals.

Participants obtain
  • personal computer
  • reliable internet connection (for optimal operation we do not recommend Wifi or LTE)
  • use headphones and a microphone to communicate in an online workshop
We provide
  • help with installing Discord software the day before the workshop
  • access to the Discord online platform
  • free use of MadMapper software licenses
  • the possibility of presenting design solutions for video mapping in the form of a gallery layout

The workshop is free and is intended for young people from the age of 14. The number of participants is limited, so prior registration is required by Friday, February 19 at: (when registering, please provide: name, surname, age and contact phone number). An introductory meeting and help with accommodation will be on Monday, February 22 at 11 p.m.