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Park Workshops

Robotic present

22. March 2021 at 17:00

Workshop for kids 7+ at MC Oton, Novo Mesto

Let the children delve into robotics and its involvement in our daily lives! In addition to their practical applicability, robots also enable us new ways of creative and artistic creation.

The intermedia workshop promotes an in-depth understanding of robotics and its involvement in art, safety, production. Are we aware of the potential of new and emerging technologies surrounding us? They enable us new ways of creativity and creativity – and this is the purpose of this workshop: to arouse interest in new technologies in all generations while creating creatively, as learning about robotics allows us to be better aware of both positive and negative effects. the development of technologies and their increasing availability.

Individual design is important

The workshop is designed to allow individual involvement and adaptation to the participant’s abilities; includes an introductory part, with an introduction to the role and operation of the robot, and a presentation of tools for its management. The creative part of the workshop is based on the concrete use of devices. Participants will assemble a robot and use the program to define and change its functions. Through the creative process, we will collaborate, exchange opinions, intergenerate intertwine and demystify complex technological terms and tools.


The number of participants is limited, so prior registration is required at
The workshop is suitable for all age groups over 7 years.

The workshop will be conducted in accordance with the applicable measures of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the recommendations of the NIJZ.