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Park Workshops


23. November 2021 at 17:00

Workshop for children between 9 and 15 years of age in the Kulturni inkubator, MKC Maribor

Slime molds are single-celled organisms that, due to the need for food, organize into multicellular structures and function as one, as they are more efficient. Even though they don’t have brains, you could say they are very smart! They have a memory, they make decisions, and they anticipate change, so they encourage scientists to question general intelligent behavior. Mucus is easy to study, as it grows very quickly, we can feed it with oatmeal, we can also find it in our forests, but they do not like light.

At the workshop, the participants will get to know their specialties, watch a variety of experiments and explain why we say they are so smart. Each participant will design their own labyrinth, prepare an agar base with the help of kitchen utensils, on which the mucus can move, and then settle the mucus in their labyrinth. We will then observe together and discover how quickly they will overcome obstacles and perhaps even surprise us with their ingenuity in finding the shortest paths to the goal!


Let’s stay healthy

Verification of the PCT condition is mandatory for all those over 12 years of age, and a valid identity document is required. The mask is mandatory in enclosed public spaces, only a surgical mask or FFP2 type mask is allowed. The mask is optional for

  • children up to the age of 6,
  • speakers in enclosed public spaces, provided that a distance of at least 3 meters is provided,
  • persons with special needs who are prevented from using a protective mask for objective reasons.

When entering a closed public place or space, hand disinfection is still mandatory.