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Tactics&Practice [podcast]: (re)programming

Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Arts has launched its second podcast series in the Tactics&Practice discursive programme, which focuses on investigative art, society and new technologies. The eight episodes will feature conversations conceived and hosted by Spanish technology writer and journalist Marta Peirano for the tenth edition of Tactics&Practice in 2021. In (Re)Programming: Strategies for Self-Renewal, she discusses key technical and societal issues ranging from infrastructure and energy to community and artificial intelligence with world-renowned thinkers. Each conversation is followed by questions from special guests and the online audience.

Tactics&Practice [podcast]: (re)programming consists of eight episodes:

(re)programming | Ep. #1: Trigger [w/ Kim Stanley Robinson]

(re)programming | Ep. #2: Infrastructure [w/ Benjamin Bratton]

(re)programming | Ep. #3: Energy [w/ Holly Jean Buck]

(re)programming | Ep. #4: Interdependence [w/ Anab Jain]

(re)programming | Ep. #5: AI [w/ Kate Crawford]

(re)programming | Ep. #6: The Cloud [w/ Joana Moll]

(re)programming | Ep. #7: Community [w/ Astra Taylor]

(re)programming | Ep. #8: Accountability [w/ Eyal Weizman]

Podcasts can be followed at and on Soundcloud, Spotify, Google and Apple Podcasts.