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Kunigunda Festival organized by MC Velenje

Kunigunda Festival organized by MC Velenje

The Kunigunda Festival of Young Cultures is a nine-day international cultural festival with a twenty-year tradition, which takes place in the second half of August at various locations in the town of Velenje. His name comes from a local legend. A beautiful young woman named Kunigunda, a castle maid who was accused of witchcraft and thrown into a well at the castle as punishment, allegedly lived in Velenje Castle. Ever since then, Kunigunda has been haunting the castle rooms. The festival, organized by local young people on her behalf since 1998, is nothing short of scary. We want to pay tribute to the young woman accused of wrongdoing with a young culture, which is often also wrongly accused of not being sufficiently cultural. Even the alternative culture is looking for its place under the sun, just as Kunigunda was looking for it. We do not condemn it and give it the opportunity to flourish in all its charm, youthful momentum, develop and ennoble, and also during the festival we give visitors the opportunity to get to know it, make friends and enjoy it.


The heart has always been the protective loop of Kunigunda. The heart is the rhythmically beating organ that drives our machine, it is the engine of life and a symbol of love. The heart beats about 100,000 times a day, 36,500,000 times a year. It illustrates that everything made on Kunigunda is made with the heart.

The beginnings

The beginnings of the Kunigunda Festival of Young Cultures date back to 1998. A team of three founders set the festival on its feet in its dewy years with a low budget but a great desire. Over time, the effort began to pay off – with a strong emphasis on alternative culture, Kunigunda became one of the driving forces of the Velenje youth scene. The Red Hall began to be enriched with graffiti, and there were more and more local bands that were given the opportunity to perform on larger stages at the festival. Already at the second festival, the team organized an international camp, they slowly started buying their own equipment, the team was joined by the first young people with a strong desire to work and to leave a mark on the local cultural scene.

This years’ edition

This year’s edition is organized by additions to the contents of KonS’s production: the DIY Alarm Clock workshop and Tadej Droljec’s art project.