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modul konS in Novo mesto

The konS ≡ modul, a festival of contemporary research art, is coming to Novo mesto this year as well, trying to present current artistic practices in this field in as complete a way as possible. The theme of this year’s festival is sound, and the events that will take place in the week between 17 and 24 June at various locations in the city center of Novo mesto and end on Friday, June 24 at 8 pm with the grand opening of the exhibition by Tadej Droljc in the Simulaker Gallery, which has been created and developed within the konS platform in the production of the LokalPatriot institute for almost a year. All festival events are free.

Festival program

Friday, June 17 at 8 pm: Opening performance by Andrej Fon @ Glavni trg 5 – ex “OnaOn”

The konS module will be opened with an opening performance by multi-instrumentalist Andrej Fon in an improvisational interaction with the Sanctuary of Holy Fear, a mechanized sculpture by Danish composer and sound artist Lauritz Jongejan. »Man vs. machine ”or“ man + machine ”? The answer will be given by the Sanctuary with a composition prepared especially for this occasion, and dr. Andrej Fon, who with his lavish musical knowledge and improvisation will (co) create a mix of mechanical sounds produced by a computer in the sanctuary core and eight brass plates surrounding its core and analog sounds extracted from his instruments by a masterful human hand. The one-off event will take place on Friday, June 17 at 8 pm at Glavni trg 5 (on the premises of the former OnaOn store).

Friday, June 17 – Saturday, July 9: Presentation of art productions in the empty spaces of the center of Novo mesto

Laurits Jongejan – Sanctuary of Holy Fear @ Main Square 5 – ex “SheOn”

The sanctuary of sacred fear acts as an automaton without direct interaction with man. The work is thus not designed as an interface, but as a machine that is physically and metaphorically self-centered. The eight brass panels that surround the inner core act as the basic source of sound and as a kind of symbolic protection for the inner workings. At the heart of the sculptural sanctuary, a computer activates mechanisms and creates a mysterious sonic experience that combines digital precision with vibrant acoustic happenings.

Saša Spačal – Transversal Is A Loop: Cricket Farm @ Rozmanova ulica 18 – ex “Čop’s workshop”
Michele Spanghero – Ad Lib. @ Hostage Street 1 – ex “Pola Bekeraj”

Sound sculpture Ad lib. combines a medical machine for automatic lung ventilation with organ flutes that play a musical chord in a constant rhythm of mechanical breathing. This mechanical respiration of an artificial organ sounds metaphorically like a mechanical requiem. The title of the work Ad lib., An abbreviation of the Latin term ad libitum, is a musical notation that allows the performer a free interpretation that repeats certain bars of the score if desired. The Latin term ad libitum literally means ‘at one’s own discretion’ and is used as a synonym for free expression of will according to the context in which the score is performed. The purpose of sound sculpture is to draw attention to the situation in which the survival of people with critical health problems is tied to the respiratory system and thus to the judgment of those who care for them.

Monday, 20 June at 7 pm: round table “Constructive about konS” @ MC Oton, Župančič Promenade 1

konS ≡ The Platform for Contemporary Research Arts is an open and evolving structure that seeks to build links between communities, knowledge institutions, research centers and the economy at a systemic level, with all parties interested in co-creating a sustainable, safer and more ethical future in a dynamic , an ever-changing world. At the round table, the concept of the operation of the platform and content through the three main directions PARK (creative learning), NOVA (art projects) and PRAKSA (innovation) will be presented by the partners of the konS project.

Tuesday, June 21 at 5 pm: workshop for children and youth “Sound walk” @ MC Oton

The Sound Walk workshop encourages children to listen to the sound of the surroundings while wandering the streets, park or nature. The purpose of the workshop is to arouse interest in the soundscape of the surroundings and to listen to the sounds that surround us on a daily basis. At the workshop, participants will be introduced to the importance of sonic walks and the practical applicability of echolocation, as used by some animals and humans. Children equipped with binaural microphones and headphones will go for a walk. During the walk, they will perform several different tasks in pairs and threes with their mentors, aimed at sensitizing the listening of the surroundings. They will explore the possibilities of different microphone positions and observe the differences in what is heard. The mentor and children will perform short impromptu concerts in various acoustic spaces.

Wednesday, 22 June at 7 pm: round table “Coexistence of formal and non-formal education: Together or in parallel?” @ MC Oton

Non-formal education, innovative approaches to knowledge transfer and concern for the development of individual potentials are some of the main highlights of the KonS platform and consortium partners, which