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Nejc Trampuž and konS participated in the National Day celebrations

We are proud of the young multimedia artist and photographer Nejc Trampuž, who also creates his projects at the intersection of art, science and technology on the konS ≡ Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art. Produced by the consortium partner LokalPatriot and the Simulaker Gallery, he developed the project Another Future Entirely, using artificial intelligence to design positive responses to the various conundrums of 21st century society, which has attracted the interest of the general public. From its premiere exhibition in January this year at the Simulaker Gallery in Novo mesto to presentations as part of the contemporary research art programme conSekvence in Ljubljana’s Cukrarna and Velenje Gallery and elsewhere, the project Another Future Entirely has appeared in numerous media and attracted a great deal of attention.

A special honour for the young artist was the invitation from director Matej Filipčič to co-create part of the backdrop for the central celebration of the National Day, which this time thematised the environment and the climate crisis. He used an animated collage to show the transformation of the Šostanj Thermal Power Plant into a solarpunk village. With collages in spheres, the design of which he designed with Rok Kos and Brina Meze Petrić on the konS Platform, he showed the biodiversity and natural landscapes of Slovenia.

The full celebration with Trampuž’s contributions can be viewed in the RTV Slovenia web archive.

Photo: Andraž Kobe, Simon Tomažič, Marko Delbello Ocepek, Bobo

Video: Arhiv RTV