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Open invitation for submission of new art projects

Deadline: 26 February 2021

We live in a world where technological advances and their effects are becoming more and more an issue involving of all of us, whether we live in the western or eastern hemisphere, in the global north or south. Rapid aging of the population, strategic functioning of the economic superpowers, ground-breaking technological applications, marginalization and exclusion of social groups, tensions between governments and non-governmental organizations, local and international conflicts, climate change, environmental problems and new healthcare challenges pose civilization challenges for mankind which require thorough consideration and active participation. New technologies, with their emancipatory neutrality, offer on the one hand the possibility of empowering civil society, and on the other increased control and concentration of power and capital.

We all face challenges which determine our future and the future of our children, so active participation in the konS project means promoting visionary, unexpected, different ideas allowing us to see beyond the determinism of rationalist western science and economics. Through our activity, we can encourage, inspire and empower decision-makers, scientists, engineers and economists in their actions that are inclusive, socially responsible and sustainable.


How will we support selected art projects?

Within this open call we plan to support up to 5 art productions of contemporary investigative art selected at the consortium programming council*. The art projects may already be in progress or they can be brand new, however they must be completed during the term of the financial mechanism (no later than April 2022). The value of financial support for each project is estimated at no more than 15,000 EUR. The funds are intended to cover the costs of development and realization of an artwork.

Production of selected artworks will be carried out in thematic laboratories of our partners and will be assisted by associate partners (Universities of Ljubljana, Maribor and Nova Gorica) and the project konS associate research and scientific laboratories and institutes (National Institute of Chemistry, Jožef Stefan Institute, and others).

More on invitation for submission of art project can be found here.