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Workshop Festival – a new modul format in Maribor

The Workshop Festival – a research polygon at the intersection of the arts, sciences and technology – will be a fun super event. In cooperation with Kulturni dnevnik (Narodni dom Maribor), under the auspices of the konS project and implemented by the MKC Maribor partner organization, in the Modna hiša Maribor we are preparing a small sea of ​​research and creative islands, where we present workshops from the konS project network (Zavod Cona, Društvo Ljudmila, Akademija umetnosti Nova Gorica, Kersnikova, MKC Maribor) in cooperation with external partners, BridA, KreatorLab, Kreativni inštitut and Vinyl Fabrika. With such a range, we will immerse ourselves deeply in the topics of electronics, mechatronics, sound, biology, wearable technology and experiential approaches, and activate all human sensors.
In the morning we prepare a round of workshops for closed groups, which is the final act of the Kulturni dnevnik program, and in the afternoon we dedicate every day to a new topic, a new field, new content. For children, young people and adults.

Morning events

Children travel between islands of different themes, approaches and challenges: Drawn bugs come to life, DJ workshop, Game of reflexes, Hydrometer, Weather station and Gyroscope, Lego robotics, Digital fabrication, Sound microscope and DIY and TEENSynth and Mp3ggers. The morning gathering is intended for more than 1000 children included in the subscription of the Cultural Diary.

Afternoon events – program
What is Kulturni dnevnik?

Kulturni dnevnik is a year-round program of Narodni dom Maribor, which is intended for school groups. Its essence is cultural education and upbringing, and the basic starting point is the integration of all types of cultural productions from different cultural institutions into a common program whole. Through visits to cultural institutions, experiences of cultural events, meetings and conversations with creators and artists, young people can get to know the widest range of cultural content, professions in culture, the processes of creating performances, operation and structure of cultural institutions.

What is konS?

konS ≡ Platform for Contemporary Research Arts is a network of nine partners – NGOs, art producers, tactical media, public cultural centers and the Academy of Arts on the diagonal of the Eastern and Western Cohesion Region: Kersnikova Institute, Projekt Atol Institute, Aksioma Institute, Ljudmila Society, , all from Ljubljana, and the University of Nova Gorica – Academy of Arts, Youth Center Velenje, LokalPatriot Novo mesto and MKC Maribor. Working through three different levels, it seeks to build links between communities, knowledge institutions, research centers and the economy in a common interest to co-create a sustainable, safer and more ethical future in a dynamic, ever-changing world. The three levels of operation are: the formation of hubs where different audiences can be empowered to make critical use of new technologies (konS ≡ PARK); the establishment of laboratories for artistic research that enable the production of contemporary research arts (konS ≡ NOVA) and the implementation of a laboratory for speculative innovations for translating far-sighted artistic ideas and inventions into innovations for a more sustainable, safe and ethical society (konS ≡ PRAKSA).